Nanny Cam Beating Suspect Convicted In Prior Home Invasion [Video]

The nanny cam beating suspect, arrested last week and arraigned on several charges in relation to the horrifying attack caught on video, was convicted previously for a similar home invasion crime.

Nanny cam beating suspect Shawn Custis, 42, is said by prosecutors to be the man violently beating a female victim on the hidden camera footage after breaking into her Millburn, New Jersey home. The victim was later brutally tossed down a flight of stairs as her three-year-old daughter watched and her son slept upstairs.

Neither child was harmed, but the nanny cam beating video depicts a significantly violent attack on the woman, after which she was hospitalized. The clip went viral, and Millburn residents were worried in the time between the video being published and the arrest of Custis.

While Custis has pled not guilty to charges of attempted murder, robbery, burglary and child endangerment, criminal records also show he had previously been convicted in a similar case.

According to, Custis was convicted after a Delran, Burlington County incident 22 years ago.

The site says that Custis was searching upstairs for jewelry when a young woman and her child returned to the home, and both the woman and the child were pushed down a flight of stairs in the ensuing violence:

When he heard the front door open, authorities say, Custis hid in a closet. Seconds later, he jumped out and attacked the unsuspecting young mother and her 18-month-old daughter who had just arrived home. Custis pushed the woman onto a bed and punched her repeatedly, according to police reports. When she broke free and tried to grab the child, Custis yanked her by the hair, then pushed her and her child down a flight of stairs. He escaped in the woman’s car.

Custis, now implicated in the nanny cam beating, was convicted in the 1991 attack and sentenced to ten years in jail.