Final ‘Pacific Rim’ Trailer Puts The Focus On Humanity’s Struggle [Video]

The final trailer for Pacific Rim has arrived online.

Warner Bros. is counting on moviegoers showing up in theaters on July 12 to see what the studio has been pushing for the past few months. Although analysts believe Guillermo del Toro’s flick probably won’t beat Grown Ups 2 at the box office, here’s hoping it gives the sequel a run for its money.

There’s been a lot of talk recently about the current state of the US film industry. Hollywood seems content to churn out one sequel after another, mostly because they’re much less risky than new ideas. The same problem is also plaguing video games at the moment.

Warner Bros. sunk a lot of money into Pacific Rim, which means the studio might start falling back on more reboots, remakes, and sequels should it underwhelm at the box office. Del Toro is also considering a sequel, something that could get shelved if the movie tanks next weekend.

Of course, there’s always the chance the robots vs. monsters epic could find an audience overseas. This certainly worked out well for Paramount Pictures and Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters. After a soft opening in the US, the action flick eventually found success overseas. This prompted producers to reconsider moving forward with a sequel. Tom Cruise’s 2012 thriller Jack Reacher also benefited from overseas business.

Pacific Rim tells the story of humanity’s struggle against a legion of giant monsters who seem determined to destroy the entire world. In order to fight back, mankind develops enormous robots that are controlled remotely using highly-trained pilots. In other words, expect to see lots of explosions, destruction, and moments where it appears all hope is lost. The final trailer you see embedded above puts the focus on this dramatic scenario.

Guillermo Del Toro

The film stars Charlie Hunnam, Idris Elba, Rinko Kikuchi, Charlie Day, Ron Perlman, Robert Kazinsky, Max Martini, Clifton Collins, Jr., Burn Gorman, Larry Joe Campbell, Brad William Henke, and Diego Klattenhoff. As you can tell, Warner is hoping moviegoers will turn up to see the robots and monsters instead of the actors. Here’s hoping that gamble pays off in the end.

Pacific Rim opens in North America on July 12. Are you planning to catch director Guillermo del Toro’s latest effort on the big screen?

[Image via Warner Bros. / Legendary Pictures]