Yet another hilarious use of the robots.txt file – A SEO job offer

For those of you unfamiliar with what a robot.txt file is the Twitter version is this: a file on a webserver that tell search engine spiders what they are allowed to index on that server. Pretty simple eh and for the most part really boring as it is filled with lines upon lines of archaic web lingo no one really cares about.

But it is also a place where you can on occasion find some humor as when Gizmodo reported about finding references about zombies in Google’s robot.txt file. There have been others but I don’t think that we have seen the file being used as a way to advertise for a job opening.

It turns out though that the Daily Mail is looking to hire a new SEO (search engine optimization) manager and most appropriately placed the ad in their website’s robot.txt file.

via Malcolm Coles