Michelle Obama: ‘Prison’ Is How She Describes Being FLOTUS [Video]


First Lady Michelle Obama teamed up with former First Lady Laura Bush at the African First Ladies Summit in Tanzania to talk about the perks of being FLOTUS. Unfortunately, there don’t seem to be many. The way Michelle puts it, being First Lady is like living in a “really nice prison.”

During the interview (moderated by Cokie Roberts), the women were asked what being the First Lady of the United States was really like. Michelle explained that she loves her job and even finds it liberating in some aspects but said that her overall impression is that it’s not unlike a prison.

“There are some prison elements to it. But it’s a really nice prison,” she said.

Laura Bush was quick to add to Michelle Obama’s “prison” comments, noting that the First Lady has her own private chef. Michelle walked back just a little bit.

“You can’t complain,” she admitted. “But there is definitely elements that are confining.”

Roberts pointed out that Martha Washington, the very first First Lady, had similar comments about the office.

While their husbands are off making their own rare appearance together, Michelle and Laura had a laid-back talk-back interview, joking around like old pals. Despite the seeming enmity between the Obamas and the Bush family, Michelle Obama said that she wanted to serve on a panel with Laura for one simple reason:

“I like this woman,” she said.

“It’s sort of a club, a sorority, I guess,” Bush added.

You can watch a video of Michelle Obama and Laura Bush talking about being First Lady below: