Borgata Robbery Snags $200k In Rolex Watches

The Borgata robbery left the robbers $200,000 richer.

Police are saying the Borgata hotel robbery took place at a jewelry store during Atlantic City casino’s 10th anniversary celebration.

The three men responsible for the Borgata robbery were caught on surveillance video quickly smashing displays, grabbing whatever they could, and then running away on foot to a dark-colored vehicle. Initial reports said that jewelry valued at $500k was taken, but they’ve since revised that to $200k since it was a Rolex Watch robbery.

John J. Kennedy, president of the Jewelers’ Security Alliance, says “smash and grab” robberies like the Borgata robbery are becoming more common:

“What’s interesting is we’re seeing a big rash of smash-and-grabs between New jersey and Atlanta on the east coast. A tremendous rash of them in that east coast region. The localities really have shifted.”

These types of robberies tend to involve “a large number of males [who] go into the store and smash the case and get out of there in 20 or 30 seconds rather than point a gun at a store owner.” Jewelry stores estimate about $7 million in losses for 2012, with these three-minute burglaries representing 82.6 percent of all jewelry robberies.

The Borgata robbery also had a fourth accomplice acting as a getaway driver. The three other suspects were dressed in a blue jacket, a gray hooded sweatshirt, and a dark colored jacket. Surveillance videos and photos have been released.