Rachel Bascue ‘Too Fat’ To Get A Pedicure

Rachel Bascue says a salon told her she was “too fat” to get a pedicure.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, obesity is being called a disease by the AMA.

Studies show Americans tend to think they are eating less than they really are. The amount of fast food eaten in America is said to be part of the problem, although the McDonald’s CEO claims he lost 20 pounds on a McDiet. Mayors in major cities have proposed fighting obesity by banning soda purchases with food stamps.

In the meantime, obese Americans are dealing with the stigma with being overweight. A recent study showed that kids don’t want to be friends with the “fat kid.” Even airlines are talking about charging overweight people more for flights. But in the case of Rachel Bascue was told she could not have a pedicure because she “can’t fit in the seat.”

Rachel Bascue told reporters her mother was initially refused service at Regal Nails because of her weight. But Rachel Bascue says she had been there before with her mother and both had pedicures togethers.

So Rachel Bascue returned to the salon and recorded what happened on her cell phone. The female employees argued she was being denied service for her own safety:

“You cannot over 250. You don’t fit. I tell you too many times. It not fit for you. It’s dangerous. It’s for your own benefit.”

Regal Nails says it doesn’t have insurance that would cover Rachel Bascue and her mother if they were to get hurt in their chair. This includes anyone else over the weight of 250 pounds. But Rachel Bascue claims this denial of service amounts to discrimination:

“This is the first time (I’ve been refused) ever. I have been talked about and made fun of, but this is the first time I was made to feel like a freak.”

Do you think Rachel Bascue is being discriminated against, or do you think the salon is correct to deny service?