Dutch Journalist Gang Raped In Tahrir Square During Egypt Protests

A Dutch journalist was gang raped in Tahrir Square as millions of protesters turned up to oppose Egypt president Mohammad Mursi.

Reports said the woman was raped by a group of five men Friday during the massive protest in Cairo, part of a growing trend of sexual assaults in Tahrir Square aimed at females of all ages.

The Dutch journalist raped in Tahrir Square reportedly underwent surgery for "horrific" injuries" she sustained. The journalist has not yet been identified.

The brutal attack was confirmed by the Dutch Embassy in Cairo, noting that the 22-year-old victim has already returned to her home.

"The Netherlands Embassy has assisted the victim, and after receiving emergency treatment in a Cairo hospital she was repatriated to the Netherlands in the company of family," the statement said. "The victim has cooperated with an investigation started by the Egyptian authorities. In the interest of the privacy of the victim no further information will be given."

Dina Zakaria, an Egyptian journalist with Egypt 25 news, reported that the men who attacked and raped the Dutch journalist called themselves "revolutionists."

"Her condition is severe and she is hospitalised," Zakaria wrote on her Facebook page.

The rape took place as protests in Egypt have grown increasingly violent. Recent protests left five people dead as more than a million people took to the street to demand the ouster of Islamist President Mohamed Morsi.

A group of protesters targeted the Cairo headquarters of the Muslim Brotherhood, an attack that left several people injured. Opponents of the Muslim Brotherhood have opposed Morsi since last year, when he won election with a total of 13.2 million votes.

Other protesters set buildings on fire and hurled rocks and fire bombs.

The Muslim Brotherhood has engaged protesters, firing buckshot at attackers to keep them away from government buildings. Other reports noted automatic weapon fire as protests raged on throughout the night.

Many people in the crowd have targeted women for sexual assaults. A volunteer vigilante group formed to protect women in Tahrir Square said there were 44 cases of sexual assaults and harassment on Sunday alone.

"Among the reported cases tonight are grandmothers; mothers with their children; 7yr olds. Common denominator: all female," @OpAntiSH tweeted.

Some reports said the Dutch journalist raped in Tahrir Square was an intern who had gone to take pictures of the protests in Egypt.