Horror Coloring Book Features Images From ‘Psycho’ And ‘Hellraiser’


British supermarket chain Tesco is in trouble over a horror coloring book featuring images from iconic horror films like Psycho, Hellraiser and Misery.

The 16-page horror coloring book is called Color Me Good – Arrggghhhh!!, and features images of blood, knives and screaming victims from famous horror classics. Despite culling material from R-rated films, the coloring book is marketed for kids between the ages of five and eight.

One grandfather discovered the coloring book while he was shopping for a birthday present for his grandson.

“It was advertised as being suitable for kids from five to eight. I don’t think so,” 56-year-old Chris Tuckwood said.

“It is unbelievable that they can sell such a thing aimed at kids. I don’t think I have to say why it’s unsuitable, that much is obvious. Who on earth are they employing that thinks this is okay?”

According to Tesco, the book was put on the company website by the publisher. They say that they have very clear guidelines set for third-party sellers, and in this case, they were not followed.

“We will be speaking with the seller to remind them of the importance of selecting the right category when listing products with us,” a spokesperson said.

“Of course when issues do arise we act quickly with the seller to ensure that the item is updated with the correct information.”

The book’s publisher, I Love Mel, insists that the coloring book is more of a novelty item for grown-ups, and not really for kids at all.

Mel Elliot, who runs I Love Mel, said that the cover of the horror coloring book, which features an infamous scene from Psycho, should be a dead-giveaway that the book is not intended for children.

“I believe that this one image is a fairly large clue that this is not a book aimed at children.”

She also said that Tesco is to blame for listing the item on their website for kids. It has since been removed.

What do you think of the horror coloring book? Would you get it for your children?

[Image via: I Love Mel]