OWC Mercury Extreme Pro Claims “Fastest” SSD Drive

OWC this week announced that their new Mercury Extreme Pro 40GB drive has hit the $100 price mark, making it the fastest SSD for the price.

According to OWC the drives Read and write speeds can reach as high as 260MB per second, speeds typically only realized on larger and more expensive drives.

Buyers can also purchase mounting kits to fit the 2.5-inch drive into a 3.5-inch spot. Users can even fit the drive into a 5.25-inch front bay such as those found on the Mac Pro.

OWC also says that the drives speed won’t lower as the SSD fills up with information, a problem experienced on many SSD’s.

While Other World Computing has targeted Mac users for the drive, it should be noted that it will also work with Window PCs via a SATA connection.