Nicolas Cage In Talks For Terry Zwigoff’s ‘Lost Melody’

Nicolas Cage is currently in talks for filmmaker Terry Zwigoff’s Lost Melody.

The Con Air already has a very full plate at the moment. However, this isn’t stopping him from considering a role in the Bad Santa director’s latest big screen effort.

According to Coming Soon, the independently-financed drama will find Nicolas Cage tackling the role of man who falls for a prostitute. The only thing that stands in the way of the guy’s happiness is his wife.

If Lost Melody is anything like Twigoff’s previous effort, Cage fans should expect plenty of dark and uncomfortable humor. However, the Ghost Rider alum has yet to make commitment to the project official as of this writing.

The Wrap reports that Terry Zwigoff’s project is getting a little help from American Psycho producer Edward R. Pressman. The Hollywood veteran has also handled such notable motion pictures as The Crow and its numerous sequels, Jason Reitman’s Thank You For Smoking, and The Cooler.

Pressman said of Lost Melody:

When considering a project, I think it most important that the director and the film live in the same universe and Terry certainly achieves this with ‘Lost Melody.’ I’ve always wanted to work with Terry and am excited to be teaming on a wonderful darkly-funny drama in the tradition of such classics as ‘The Blue Angel’ and ‘Sunset Boulevard.’

Nicolas Cage is going to be a very busy man over the next year or so. Not only is he in talks for Terry Zwigoff’s Lost Melody, he’s also attached to star in the reboot of the Christian-based thriller Left Behind.

Fans can catch their favorite actor next in the upcoming thriller The Frozen Ground with John Cusack and Vanessa Hudgens. The trailer for the flick is included below.

Need even more Cage in your cinematic diet? If so, then you’re in luck. The actor will also appear in David Gordon Green’s drama Joe, the action flick Tokarev, and John Bonito’s Paradise City. He’s also rumored to be up for a part in The Expendables 3.

Are you a fan of Nicolas Cage? What do you think about the actor possibly signing on for the lead in Terry Zwigoff’s drama Lost Melody?