Apple iWatch Wearable Tech War With Samsung, Sony May Be Heating Up

The Apple iWatch is coming. In recent months, the rumors have swirled about the highly anticipated wearable devices like the proposed iWatch you can see in the fantasy advertisement in the video above.

For that matter, Samsung and Sony, as well as Apple, are the subject of the multiple rumors about upcoming wearable smart devices.

However, the Apple iWatch rumors got a fresh infusion of fuel to the flame with multiple media reports on Monday that Apple filed on June 3 in Japan to trademark the name in that tech-friendly nation.

As The Inquisitr previously reported, the Apple iWatch was also registered for trademark protection in Russia in early June.

Some of the technical and development details of the Apple iWatch are discussed in depth more here, including a comment from Apple CEO Tom Cook.

But at the end of the day the new iWatch isn’t about technology. It’s about business.

The real question is: Will the Apple iWatch be profitable? It’s a commonplace that the younger generation doesn’t wear watches. Instead, they pull out their phones to check the time.

At this point, it could be difficult to judge whether or not the smart watch market is even worth fighting over.

But The Guardian thinks it could be:

“Wearable technology is a small market, but research firm Juniper estimates that it will generate $800 million in revenue this year and $1.5 billion in 2014 with interest from the big three tech firms likely to ramp up the commercial windfall.”

That report confirms the previous rumor about the Apple iWatch registration in Russia in early June but says that the name may not yet be registered in Europe. The iWatch name has also been trademarked several times in the United States.

As the wearable tech wars heat up, CNN has posted a slideshow of six potential rivals to the Apple iWatch.