Orlando Road Rage Shooting A Case Of Mistaken Identity, Says Jerome Edward Hayes

The Orlando road rage shooter Jerome Edward Hayes had his alleged motive disclosed by police.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, the Orlando road rage shooting ended the life of 47-year-old Fred William Turner Jr. while he was on the phone with police.

Fred William Turner claimed not to have done anything to provoke the shooter, but he phoned for help when he realized that he was still being followed as he got onto Interstate 4. As he talked with the dispatchers, he was hit by several rounds from a semi-automatic weapon.

The resulting manhunt led to the arrest of Jerome Edward Hayes. The Orlando road rage shooter Jerome Edward Hayes was arrested at least once before, booked in 2007 for alleged conduct regarding a recycling facility. But all charges were dropped.

Neighbors of the victim of the Orlando road rage shooting say Fred William Turner Jr. “was a nice guy. I don’t see him having any enemies. He stayed to himself. He was a quiet guy. I just can’t believe that someone would just openly, randomly shoot him on I-4. That’s horrible.”

Unfortunately, this shooting in Orlando was not mere road rage. Jerome Edward Hayes apparently mistook Fred William Turner for someone else.

According to police, Jerome Edward Hayes had an argument with another man at a topless bar called the Gold Club. Both men were apparently thrown out of the strip club separately. Jerome Edward Hayes then spotted Fred William Turner exiting a nearby building, mistook Turner for the guy he’d just been arguing with, and then allegedly tracked Turner down with his car only to murder Turner.