Run 4 Guns Marathon Tells Runners To Carry Weapons During Race

Run 4 Guns hopes to promote open carry gun laws in the state of Utah. While running with scissors is always a bad idea, organizers of the guns event believe running with a loaded gun is just fine.

The open carry marathon is planned for this fall and will take place in Spanish Fork, Utah. Event organizers are pretty sure the event will be the country's first open carry run.

The event calls for runners to wear comfortable shoes and carry water bottled alongside their gun-filled holsters.

The 5K race is being organized by Macgregor Whiting of Mapleton, Utah.

By celebrating the Second Amendment, the event hopes to show that gun owners are responsible, even when running in a marathon with many other gun-toting participants.

Any money raised from the event will go to help victims of gun related violence.

Whiting tells the Herald Extra:

"Our purpose is to create more awareness and to make a difference. We want gun owners and the right to bear arms to be seen in a true light and to be respected. And we also want to show our concern, and show that we, as citizens, we value giving back and making a difference in our community."

Whiting came up with the idea because they were concerned that most organizations giving back to support victims of gun-related violence are organizations that promote gun-control policies.

More information about the marathon can be found at While the event plans on giving its profits to charity's that deal with gun-related violence, organizers may also provide direct monetary help to specific individuals who have been harmed by guns.

Gary Sackett with Gun Violence Prevention Center of Utah questions the organization and the message it is delivering. Sackett tells Herald Extra:

"Raising money for victims of violence of any kind is a worthy cause and should be supported," Sackett said. "As to the necessity or even the symbolism of strapping on your guns to do so, seems to us to be at best, sophomoric and juvenile."

Whiting disagrees with Sackett and claims that responsible gun owners want to show that not everyone misuses the weapons they own.

All Run 4 Guns marathon racers must secure their guns in a holster or zip tie their guns so the trigger can not be pulled.

Representatives at the Spanish Fork city council have not yet commented on the Run 4 Guns marathon.

Do you think Run 4 Guns is disrespectful to victims of gun violence?