Smartphone Battery Life Improved By ‘Constant Juicing’

Smartphone battery life can be vastly improved if you “constantly juice” your mobile device with repeated charging.

In the past, users were warned about “memory effect” which occurred when a battery was charged before it was close to being drained. However, battery technology has greatly improved since the days of nickel cadmium batteries. Now users are being told that constant charging can actually help extend smartphone battery life and charge holds.

Gizmodo writer Eric Limer notes that battery life is helped most by turning off Wi-Fi, GPS, and other features that are not being used at any given time; however, he also suggests some simple and effective tips that mobile pro’s have been using for years.

The best tip is simple: Always try to keep your battery at least 50 percent full. Users who allow their smartphone battery to drain complete and then recharge will find that the battery drains more quickly and doesn’t last as long. For best results, it is suggested that you fully drain your smartphone battery once a month to complete a full “calibration” of the device.

The second tip is just as useful: Keep your smartphone battery life kicking by keeping the battery cool. While a lithium-ion battery will lose six percent of its maximum capacity per year, that numbers jumps to 20 percent at 77 degrees and 35 percent when temps hover around 104 degrees. Keep your smartphone out of hot vehicles and in shaded areas whenever possible.

While the era of wireless charging is upon us, Limer also suggests avoiding inductive chargers which generate waste heat which can fry your battery.

Never store your battery with a zero charge. If you are going on vacation and you won’t be taking your device, you can improve your smartphone battery life by leaving it with at least a 40 percent charge. The battery over time will lose some of its charge but will remain protected thanks to your quick thinking before storage.

So there you have it: Smartphone battery life is actually helped, not hurt, thanks to constant juicing.

If you really want to boost your battery’s life, you can try third-party apps. I personally use Battery Doctor on my Samsung Galaxy S3 and it has helped me both manage and condition my battery.

Do you have any other tips for smartphone battery life improvement?