'World War Z' Posts Big Box Office Numbers Overseas

The Brad Pitt zombie flick World War Z continued to do extremely strong business from several foreign markets over the weekend.

Marc Forster's troubled adaptation of Max Brooks' wasn't the huge disappointment many in the industry had predicted. After giving plenty of people at Paramount Pictures headaches during its production, the film is actually performing extremely well around the world.

Deadline is reporting that World War Z generated a strong $70 million at the foreign box office over the weekend. Although the zombie movie continued to do strong business in North America despite all the competition, it's performing exceptionally well overseas.

Domestically, Brad Pitt's PG-13 horror movie earned around $30 million over the past three days. This brought its international weekend haul to an impressive $100 million. The film's worldwide total currently sits at $263 million. The film's estimated $190 million budget has already been recouped.

According to The Wrap, World War Z opened in 25 new markets over the weekend. The film helped Brad Pitt enjoy his biggest opening in Russia to-date; the undead adventure brought home $12.3 million in that country alone.

All of this business also helped the folks at Paramount Pictures enjoy plenty of success at the box office. The numbers posted by Marc Forster's World War Z pushed the studio well above the $1 billion mark worldwide for 2013. Maybe there's hope for the industry outside of reboots and sequels after all.

Since the movie is still trucking right along, the boys and girls at Paramount are apparently reconsidering a sequel. Although the movie was originally supposed to serve as the first film in a trilogy, the storied production prompted the studio to put the sequels on the back burner.

The Inquisitr previously reported that Paramount is officially moving forward with the follow-up. However, it's currently unknown if Brad Pitt will return for the proposed sequel.

Did you catch World War Z in theaters this weekend? Are you surprised the film has performed very well at the box office overseas?