Keith Richards Wants The Rolling Stones To Play For Another 10 Years

The Rolling Stones’ guitarist, Keith Richards, has revealed that he thinks that the band can last for another ten years and make it to their 60th anniversary.

The band — which consists of Mick Jagger, Ronnie Wood, Charlie Watts, and Richards — is currently on their 50 & Counting anniversary tour, but the guitarist hasn’t ruled out a future set of shows in a decades time.

Richards told Classic Rock magazine, “I’ve been hooked on everything once or twice in my life. The one thing I can’t kick is playing with The Rolling Stones. All these zeros that keep zooming by … 30, 40, 50 years. I don’t really see any reason why there shouldn’t be a 60th. Either that or we croak on the job.”

However, despite Richard’s assertion that the band might play for another ten years, it might have all ended several decades ago had Mick Jagger had his way. Jagger recently revealed that he originally intended to be a school teacher before he became one of the most recognized frontmen of all time.

The singer remarked that being a teacher would have been “gratifying” and that he had also considered being a politician or journalist when he was a teenager; however, despite turning into the lead singer of The Rolling Stones, he added that he was “very pleased” with how things had turned out in his life.

Last night, The Rolling Stones headlined the Glastonbury festival by playing to a huge crowd that was described as one of the biggest the event has ever seen.

Jagger stated during their performance, “I arrived last night. I went to Shangri La, I saw the Arctic Monkeys, I couldn’t get up the tower because the queue was too big,” before launching into the band’s seldom heard song, “Factory Girl,” which he decided to rename, “Glastonbury Girl,” for the day.

Do you think The Rolling Stones could make it to 60 years?

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