Helicopter Makes Emergency Landing In River Next To Manhattan

A helicopter made an emergency landing in the Hudson River, near Manhattan after losing engine power in the air. No injuries have been reported.

The downed helicopter was part of a charter flight service offering sightseeing tours. It was carrying a family visiting New York City from Sweden, two adults and two teenagers, as reported by New York’s WABC,

They appear unharmed but have been taken to a local hospital for examination.

Deputy Fire Chief Thomas McKavanaugh said the incident occurred just before 12 pm.

The ride was intended to last 15 minutes, however the helicopter lost power twelve minutes after launching from the Wall Street Heliport, located on Manhattan’s southern-most point.

The 15-minute aerial tour costs $169 per passenger.

The pilot managed to get the craft down safely, ending up in the middle of the Hudson River near 79th Street. Using the helicopter’s pontoons, it was able to remain upright during the landing.

Deputy Fire Chief McKavanaugh commended the pilot on the helicopter emergency landing, saying he did a “terrific job considering he’d lost his engine power.”


After safely setting on the Hudson River, the helicopter began drifting south. The New York Daily News reported that rescue workers arrived quickly on the scene, taking the five stranded people off the river to safety.

New York Helicopter, the company which chartered the flight, only commented that they were “dealing with our issues right now.” It is unknown if other helicopter craft in the charter company’s fleet will be grounded.

After the charter helicopter’s emergency landing in the Hudson River near Manhattan, investigations by the FAA and National Transportation Safety Board have been opened to find the cause behind the engine failure.

[Image via photo credit: kenjonbro via photopin cc]