Acadia National Park Accident: Man Injured After Falling Over Waterfall

Acadia National Park saw another waterfall accident this weekend.

According to the Sun Journal, a Brownville man was out hiking with his two sons when he slipped and fell over a waterfall at Acadia National Park. The man fell about 40 feet and suffered “multi-system trauma.” He was taken to a Bar Harbor hospital and is in stable condition.

Park Ranger Edward Pontbriand said: “He was pretty banged up … After the fall, with the help of his kids and other hikers, he was able to get out of the water. He tried to walk a short way before he discovered his injuries were preventing him from walking further.”

Pontbriand said that the man’s location made it difficult for him to get out of the woods. More than 20 rangers, as well as members of Mount Desert Island Search & Rescue, came out to the scene to help get the man out of the forest. The man didn’t make it to an ambulance until about three hours after the ordeal. He, and his two children, were treated for hypothermia.

The park ranger advised hikers to be extra cautious on the trails and to bring extra supplies in case there is an accident.


Portbriand said: “You’ve got to be very careful … Everything compounds.”

The Epoch Times notes that this is at least the third accident at Acadia this year. Back in May, a woman fractured her ankle while walking on the same trail where the man fell over the waterfall. And earlier this month, three climbers were injured when a rope broke.

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