Jealous Boyfriend’s Hamster Release Tried In Court

A jealous boyfriend’s hamster related cruelty led to charges, a fine and a light sentence, after an incident in which the man freed his girlfriend’s hamster in retribution for spurned affections.

The jealous boyfriend’s hamster attack came when the woman admitted she loved her hamster more than she did her ex. (And in fairness to the woman, hamsters are pretty adorable and easy to love creatures.)

But when Adam Walsh, 30, learned that his girl preferred her furry friend to him, he plotted to do away with his rival.

According to The Telegraph, Walsh, 30, broke into lover Julie Hanson’s apartment with plans to forever fix the hamster problem.

Blackpool Magistrates Court heard that Walsh wanted to give Harry, the pet, his “freedom,” engineering the hamster’s escape and resulting in Julie’s extreme distress.

For good measure, he also took Hanson’s TV set. A prosecutor said that while it may seem not very criminal to free a hamster, the spiteful act was one in which emotional distress was the intent:

“The next day she found her front door broken in and the door to her hamster’s cage was open… The hamster was missing and it is the Crown’s case that Walsh was very much aware that she loved the hamster and had a strong emotional tie to the animal which Walsh did not like.”

The prosecutor continued:

“She was very upset. When Walsh was arrested he told police he had opened the cage door to give Harry his freedom.”

The defense’s Robert Castle was able to report:

“I am delighted to say the hamster has now been found. He was hiding under a rug and is safe and well.”

The jealous boyfriend’s hamster ploy landed him with 150 hours of community service, and court fines.