Man Kills And Cooks Family Dog

A Tampa man was arrested Friday after he killed and cooked the family dog.

Thomas Elliot Huggins reportedly strangled the pit bull puppy with his bare hands before he cut it up in quarters with a steak knife and froze it. When his mother came home, she found the dog's ribs cooking in a pot on the stove.

When police officers came to Huggin's home to arrest him, they found the dog's head, hide and insides in the garbage and its ribs in a pot. They said that Huggins already ate some of the dog meat.

Huggin's neighbor, John Pisacane, gave him the dog in February and said the incident makes him sick to his stomach.

"It's almost like hurting a baby. If I knew that, I'd never have given it to him in the first place," he said.

Another neighbor, Nickloa Davis, said the dog was very friendly and wanted to play with her dog.

"It was the cutest little dog," she said.

Davis said that Huggins didn't need to kill the dog for food.

"I've been to the food pantry, and the mother, I've seen her at the food pantry," Davis said. "So I know they didn't have to do that for food."

Huggins admitted to killing and cooking the family dog. He said he did the same things with squirrels and rabbits in the past and didn't see anything wrong with it.

His mother, Margie Huggins, said that he moved back in with her after quitting college and that they both suffer from mental illness.

“I don’t understand it. I’ve never been violent like that,” she said. “I grew up in the church, in fear of Jesus Christ and the wrath that will be put on you. He doesn’t feel that.”

The 25-year-old was charged with felony cruelty to animals and his bond was set at $2,000.

What do you think should happen to the man who killed and cooked the family dog?

[Image via Shuttershock]