Robert McCorkell Has Left His Million Dollar Coin Collection To A Neo-Nazi Group

A million dollar coin collection put together by Robert McCorkell could soon be in the hands of a Neo-Nazi group. If this groups behavior is anything like the The Immortals, the news could start to be littered with some very eerie stories in the near future.

The chemist-come-collector, who died in 2004, had stated in his will that he wanted his estate (which included those coins) given to the group, according to reports from the Southern Poverty Law Center.

The group, National Alliance, has been labelled the “most dangerous” Neo-Nazi group in America, not to mention having been linked to various bombings and assassinations over a “three-decade campaign” of violence.

However, in more recent years the group has basically become defunct, with their funds virtually dried up. While this has undoubtedly been seen as a fitting “end” to the group, the McCorkell estate could soon be put to use in funding and reviving the group.

Mark Potok, a senior fellow at the Alabama-based civil rights group, and a top expert on hate and extremist groups, had this to say upon hearing the controversial news:

“The concern is that the most dangerous Neo-Nazi group in America will be very much brought back to life,”

Due to how troubling the news of Robert McCorkell’s estate preferences are, the SPLC have taken steps to try and block the Neo-Nazi group from getting their hands on the inheritance:

“At this point we’re really not sure what we’re going to do next, if anything. But certainly we felt it was important that Canadians knew about this in particular, […] It‘s very rare. This is a movement that very rarely sees hundreds of thousands of dollars. Typically these people have no money at all.”

The late coin collector, who has been dead for nine years now, joined the National Alliance in the late 1990s. However, upon his death his estate wasn’t settled and is therefore causing huge tension and stress for everyone involved in the case now.

Although there are reports commenting on how “donations” can’t be made to racist groups, there is still no guarantee that the million dollar coin collection, alongside the rest of the estate, won’t end up in the National Alliance’s hands.

No matter how this plays out, Robert McCorkell will probably be remembered for various reasons and not just his dedication to collect ancient coins and artefacts.


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