YouTube launches ad program for video embeds

YouTube has announced the launch of a monetization program for embedded videos at the NewTeeVee Conference.

Details are a little sketchy but from reports on NewTeeVee and ReadWriteWeb, the new program allows content creators to add Adsense style ads to embeds, so they can earn money where ever the video is displayed.

What’s not clear is whether this will be made available to anyone who uploads video at YouTube, or just members of the YouTube Partners program, the exclusive advertising club for premium content providers that already facilitates advertising on YouTube itself.

The other negative (again though, we can’t be 100% sure) is that it would appear that the program will only offer advertising revenue to content providers, and not split that revenue with sites running the embed. Cutting out the end site may drive bloggers and others to seek out YouTube uploads that don’t run ads over those that do. Further, a number of existing video providers already offer revenue splits, such as Voxant and ClipSyndicate, so this step by YouTube may help drive new traffic to these sites as site owners look for a cut. We run videos from both on occasion, and although we’re not rich from either of them, getting paid $6 CPM on videos we run is a nicer alternative to running someone else’s ads without getting a share, even a small one.