June 27, 2013
CM Punk Granted Restraining Order Against Mother

An Illinois judge has granted WWE star CM Punk a restraining order against his mother.

The wrestler, whose real name is Phillip Brooks, filed a restraining order against his estranged mother after she repeatedly threatened to commit suicide if he stopped giving her money. Punk also claimed that his mother threatened to reveal embarrassing secrets from his past, which he suggested were related to arrests when he was in high school.

According to TMZ, CM Punk has been trying to end his relationship with his mother for over a year "due to repeated financial demands and years of abusive, harassing and threatening behavior."

The 34-year-old said that he tried to help his mother, whom he says suffers from bipolar disorder, by giving her more than $100,000. But after he stopped giving her money, her threatening behavior escalated. In an email, she wrote, "You don't give a s**t about us. You just care about your money and money hungry/fame hungry friends. You would sell us for a nickel."

CM Punk had already been granted a temporary restraining order, but a judge extended the order of protection to two years. CM Punk also asked that his mother be banned from WWE events, but it was unclear whether the judge granted that request as well.

CM Punk made his WWE debut in May 2005 against Val Venis. Although he lost the match, he was offered -- and accepted -- a deal the following month.  He has been dubbed the "longest-reigning WWE champion of the modern era," holding the title from November 20, 2011 to January 27, 2013. He is officially the sixth-longest reigning champion of all time, and is a seven-time World Champion. He lost his title to the Rock at Royal Rumble. He received a title rematch on February 17 at the Elimination Chamber, but the Rock pinned him to retain the title.

[Photo credit: Robert McGoldrick / Flickr]