June 27, 2013
Amy Winehouse And Kate Moss Used Cigarette Butts To Be Sold By Pete Doherty

Amy Winehouse and Kate Moss used cigarette butts will be among the icky memorabilia that Babyshambles frontman Pete Doherty will be selling in a Camden booth to raise cash. That's the teaser from an interview with NME Magazine interview with Doherty which was published on Thursday.

Yikes. According to their report, Doherty boasted that he had cigarette butts from "Bobby Gillespie, Kate Moss, and Amy Winehouse, and I've got Christmas paper from that [former Coventry City goalkeeper] Steve Ogrizovic sent to the guy from Black Sabbath. All kinds of s***, basically."

NME added that the full interview will appear in the actual physical magazine.

Camden is a popular open-air market area in London that includes booths where visitors can buy all sorts of things -- but I don't know how big the market is for used cigarettes, even if they were originally smoked by Amy Winehouse.

UK's The Independent noted that it wasn't the first time that Pete Doherty has tried to cash in by selling junk. They described an art sale at his home a year and a half ago as another attempt to sell out and out "rubbish" as art.

Matilda Battersby, speaking with Doherty during that period, described his paintings done with his own blood shot out of a syringe. But she also said that Doherty would be selling other items in the art show -- hinting that some of the pieces seemed to be less about art and more a product of a hoarding problem:

"The curators have quite a task ahead, sifting through the piles of "silks, bones, leathers, skulls, palettes -- what's that thing you put canvases on? -- oh yeah, easels, frames, boots, laces, wigs, mannequins."

OK, so I guess I'm reasonably convinced that Pete Doherty does save a lot of useless c**p. Still, how is the public supposed to feel confident that these items are genuine used cigarettes once smoked by Amy Winehouse or Kate Moss, as the case might be?

I'd like to know a little more about the verification process. Are they going to be DNA-tested or are we supposed to just take Pete Doherty's word for it?

Eh, I don't know why I'm so curious. I'm not a customer. What about you? Is there any way on earth that you're buying a Kate Moss or Amy Winehouse smoked cigarette butt from Pete Doherty?

[Pete Doherty photo by Featureflash / Shutterstock.com]

[Amy Winehouse photo by Featureflash / Shutterstock.com]