Pacifica Shark Attack: Kayaker Chomped From Underneath

A Pacifica shark attack has left a kayaker shaken, but luckily unharmed, and the man relays a frightening tale of a fishing trip gone very, very wrong.

The Pacifica shark attack happened near Pacifica State Beach near Linda Mar on Tuesday afternoon, and the man, Micah Flansburg, describes how a shark out of nowhere leaped up and grabbed him.

Flansburg was in a populated area near other swimmers, surfers, and kayakers when the great white shark suddenly appeared... and went right for him.

Flansburg describes the Pacifica shark attack and appears to have narrowly escaped being shark food -- he says:

"As I'm looking back, trying to figure out what the hell is going on, he came up straight underneath me... and the whole kayak was probably lifted out of the water... And as it grabbed a hold of me, it started shaking the boat front to back. And it wouldn't let go."

During the surprise Pacifica shark attack, the beast circled the kayak, and Flansburg adds:

"Probably the scariest part was when it let go, 'cause it swam back around and I thought he was going to come and take another bite, right where my legs wer... Right from below me, the whole kayak lifted up from below me, and the great white shark grabbed the whole front of the kayak and was shaking it violently. He hit me so hard from underneath."

Thank you, Mr. Flansburg, that's enough, we understand you were bitten by a great white shark during an attack and ---

It was intense. It was just like the Discovery Channel where you see the eyes roll to the back of the head and the pink gums and his teeth bared.
Aaaagh. Okay, cancel our beach passes. According to Flansburg, the great white was nearly as big as his kayak at about 12 feet long, and he describes being "helpless," and "just hanging on for dear life."

After the Pacifica shark attack, officials from Pacifica Public Works are installing signs warning of the danger.