June 27, 2013
Washington Earthquake With 4.3 Magnitude Hits Near Wenatchee

A Washington earthquake with a magnitude 4.3 shook the central part of the state of Wednesday night.

The earthquake, which was located 25.9 miles west-northwest of Entiat and 33 miles northwest of Wenatchee, occurred at 7:45pm.

According to the US Geological Society (USGS), the quake was 6.33 miles deep.

On the King 5 Facebook page, resident Kaitlyn Griffith writes:

"We really felt it here in Leavenworth. Felt like our house was being bulldozed."

Another resident adds:

"Wiggle, jiggle and shake with a popping sound that sounded like someone slapped the house."

Residents say the Washington earthquake was strong enough to shake their homes and rattle their dishes.

Here are some of the responses posted by resident to the Earthquake-Report.com page:

  • Leavenworth - Work at a hotel a few rooms reported earthquake.
  • Chelan, WA - We felt the floor shaking below our feet, but it only lasted between 30-45 seconds.
  • Leavenworth - Felt small movement.
  • Winthrop, WA - Heard a popping sound and then felt shaking under the chair I was sitting in.
  • Leavenworth, WA - Deep rumbling, quite slow shaking back and forth, 10 seconds or so.
  • Carlton - Loud rumbling, shaking house.
  • Peshastin - Out eating dinner. Table and porch shook.
At 9:21 pm, a 2.4 magnitude aftershock occurred which led the USGS website to post the following message: "Did you feel it?"

The 4.3 magnitude earthquake was felt in locations from Olympia to Kent, Issaquah, and Mount Vernon.

The USGS calls the earthquake shaking "light."

No damage has been reported at this time.

The earthquake was reported just one day after a magnitude 3.0 quake was felt in Oklahoma.