June 27, 2013
Nelson Mandela's Family Staying Quiet Amid Life Support Claims

Nelson Mandela was placed on life support Wednesday, and his family is staying quiet on the matter. The revolutionary politician was originally hospitalized on June 8 for what the South African government was calling a reoccurring lung infection.

His condition has become worse ever since and he was recently said to be in critical condition before it was reported on Wednesday that he now cannot breathe without help. Family members, along with Mandela's tribal heir and grandson Mandla, have been meeting over the past few days in preparation for the historical leader's passing, but they've kept their silence throughout the process.

His granddaughter, Nandi Mandela, told the Daily Telegraph, "I cannot comment on private matters," but one of the 94-year-old's closest friends has been reached for comment. George Bizos spoke with The Telegraph and made it known that the family has been in contact with the doctors.

"We can only hope for the best, and that is what the doctors decide to do," Bizos said about Nelson Mandela and his current condition. "I am sure that the members of the family are discussing the matter with the doctors but it should probably be primarily the doctors in consultation with the family if the situation is critical."

There has also been some concern over where Mr. Mandela would like to be buried. Sources close to the family have said that the Mvezo, South Africa native would like to be buried in Qunu on a hillside overlooking his home. Mandela built a home in Qunu after being released from prison in 1990. Three of his sons have already passed and have been relocated from the family graveyard in Qunu to Mvezo.

Other reports suggest that the family met with Elders in Qunu on Tuesday which allegedly turned into a heated discussion about moving the burial site back to Mandela's home. Chief Mandla Mandela's spokesman, Freddy Pilusa, said the chief "has no issues with any authorized member of the family relocating any of the graves."

Are you saddened by the news that Nelson Mandela is now on life support?