Furious Driver Fills Illegally Parked Car With Concrete [Video]

A furious Russian driver took revenge on an illegally parked car that trapped him into a parking spot by not only breaking a window with a baseball bat but then filling the automobile with concrete, all of which was caught on camera.

The man also released the handbrake of the car, once he had gained access to it by smashing the window, then rolled it out of the way. He then instructed a cement truck into the parking garage before filling the vehicle with moist concrete.

The above video depicts the entire incident, and it also shows stunned witnesses laughing as they watch the scenes unfold. The man who commits the offence can be seen smiling and looking joyous at his actions as he brazenly goes about business.

After leaving the car park, he phones up a cement truck to arrive, which then fires the soon to be ex-liquid into the car. A hoard of people then gather around the automobile and use their various phones to record images and videos of the now ruined car.

Satisfied with his work, the man then drives away in a rather expensive looking Bentley, to obviously enjoy the glorious Russian sunshine, clearly joyous with his efforts.

It isn’t too clear whether or not the incident is actually real, and some people have started to speculate that it might have been a prank. Various internet users, especially on YouTube, have guessed that it in fact a fake clip, which was posted onto liveleak.com.

One commentor stated, “staged, concrete advertise,” whilst others took this opportunity to create a series of puns about the incident, one of which included, “I say fake… but I don’t have any concrete evidence.”

Have you ever sought revenge as an angry driver? Do you think the Russian driver went too far? Should he be prosecuted for his actions?