2-Year-Old Drowns After Family Rushes To Help Uncle Having A Seizure Instead

A 2-year-old drowned in a swimming pool because his relatives rushed to assist the boy’s uncle who had moments earlier suffered a seizure.

Blake Metzger was swimming at his grandmother’s house in Canonsburg, Pittsburgh on Monday afternoon whilst his parents were at work.

However, tragedy struck when his uncle, who was also in backyard with Blake and the swimming pool, fell ill and collapsed.

Blake’s grandmother, who was looking after him at the time, then rushed to look after the Uncle, leaving the 2-year-old alone for just a few minutes.

Whilst she was away though, Blake climbed into the above ground swimming pool, and, when she returned she found him at the bottom of the water, unresponsive.

The grandmother then attempted to resuscitate Blake but failed, and the boy was then rushed to the nearby Canonsburg General Hospital where he was pronounced dead at 6:45 pm. It hasn’t been announced what the state of the uncle is.

Erik Metzger, the heartbroken father of Blake, told Channel 11, “Just that quick he climbed up the ladder while they were trying to help my brother out of the seizure. They looked up and he was already in the pool and that’s how fast it happened.”

Tim Warco, the Washington Country coroner stated that they received two 911 calls within five minutes from the residence, one for the boy and the other for uncle.

Erik Metzger was working his shift when he was informed of the devastating news. “If I have a message for anyone, it’s that it only takes one second. Now the rest of my I have to think about him not being here,” added Mr. Metzger.

The Metzgers have now destroyed the swimming pool because they can’t stand to look at it, whilst the grief-stricken Eric added, “We are really struggling right now. I never thought I’d have to bury my two-year-old son.”

[Image via 4WTAE]