Channing Tatum Talks Baby Everly’s Birth

Channing Tatum has plenty to smile about these days, especially the birth of his first daughter Everly. The now 3-month-old is his pride and joy and Tatum was in the delivery room on March 31 to experience her birth.

His busy schedule wasn’t going to keep him away from his wife Jenna Dewan-Tatum and he’s recently spoken out about the process to The Hollywood Reporter.

“I was there for the whole thing,” Tatum said about his daughter’s birth. “That was the most amazing thing I have ever experienced in my life.”

He’s now transitioning to parenthood, but he went on to say that he’s been sleeping quite well for being a first-time father.

“I am sleeping a little, probably a little more than most,” he added. “A lot of people who have a baby probably don’t have as much rest as I do. We have [a nanny] helping us manage all the risks of having a newborn.”

Channing Tatum is currently busy promoting his summer movie White House Down while working on other roles such as Jupiter Ascending, which is filming in England. When the 33-year-old actor returns home from work, he can already see the growing changes in Everly.

“I’m away from her for 12-13 hours and I feel like I come home and I feel like she’s changed—like her face looks different,” Tatum explained. “You feel like every minute that you miss is horrible.”

Though the transition must be tough for the popular actor, he’s adjusting quite well and continues to stay on top of his work in the process. He’s currently working on an Evil Knievel biography while Magic Mike 2 is in the developing stages.

The “stripper flick” was very successful and a sequel became an instant rumor ever since the original’s debut.

From one movie to another, being overwhelmed with work won’t stop Channing Tatum from soaking in every second he can with his daughter Everly.


[Image via Peabody Awards]