Madden NFL 11: Review Round-up

EA's most reliable cash cow has just trotted into town, its swinging udders heavy with warm, milky profit. Yes, it's Madden NFL 11, the latest entry in the evergreen Madden series of football games. The title launches tomorrow, when I expect game stores to be packed with keen wannabe egg-throwers. But what do the critics think of this latest iteration? Hm? Let's find out!

Destructoid (full review here) thinks the development team have designed a football game for everybody, and awarded a stonking 9.5 out of 10:

"Dancing on the fine line of making an eminently accessible game that's still deep enough for the hardcore fanbase is a tightrope-balancing act that often sinks lesser developers. But EA Tiburon has demonstrated that they're clearly up to the challenge."9.5 out of 10

IGN (full review here) strikes a different tone in its review, arguing that this year's game has abandoned the hardcore player:

"I think it's clear that this year'sMadden is geared toward the mainstream football fan; someone who just wants to come in after playing a game of catch outside and get their hands on some real NFL talent. For that audienceMadden NFL 11 delivers. However, if you're the type of player who sits alone in your living room combing the free agent wire for a player to add to your beloved franchise, I think this year'sMadden is going to leave something to be desired."80%

Game Informer (full review here) acknowledges that some of the flaws from previous titles have been fixed, but too many remain:

"Madden NFL 11 is a clear step forward for the franchise, but as fun as the additions are, the fact that some of its glaring mistakes remain is like getting a new stud quarterback even though the offensive line still needs an upgrade. You're going to score, but you're still a team with weaknesses."88%

GameTrailers (full review here) calls this Madden a true step forward for the franchise, and continues in full-on gushing mode for much of its review:

"Some annoying issues have finally been rectified, the presentation has received an overhaul, and the brand new GameFlow play calling requires some work, but provides a worthy payoff. Couple all this with great running and tackling and you have a product that's worth full asking price."91%