Bee Memorial To Be Held By Oregon Resident

Emma Flint

After the news that thousands of bees died last week, an Oregon resident, Rozzell Medina, has decided to hold a bee memorial.

For anyone who might have missed the shocking news that had scientists baffled, roughly 25,000 bumble bees were found dead under dozens of European linden trees.

Although the cause was initially unknown, the Xerces Society speculated that it was possibly the spraying of pesticides that had killed the bees.

Later it was discovered, after a thorough investigation, that Safari caused the mass death of bees; due to this, the society urged lawmakers to ban the use of pesticides.

Despite the public's surprise, it seems unlikely that many would have felt moved enough to think about holding a memorial to remember all the unfortunate bees that died; however, one person did.

Medina intends to hold the bee memorial so that people can, not only remember the "fallen lifeforms" but also help to address the plight of all bees across the globe.

The memorial will be held on Sunday 30 June in Wilsonville; for more information, you can visit either their Facebook page or their events page.

Furthermore, if anyone wishes to help plan the ceremony then you're in luck because there is an opening meeting about the event this evening in Portland.

Even though it sounds like a very odd event to arrange, Medina's concerns over the welfare of bees isn't. This is because the flying insects are very important to the agricultural economy.

Although many of us might just see a bee and think nothing much of them (well, besides trying to confirm it isn't a wasp), they actually help out more than we might think.

According to various bee activists, and there really is quite a few, the "humble bumbles" and their relatives help pollinate an estimated one-third of the food we consume.

Therefore, although Medina's bee memorial might have you thinking the Oregon resident is a little eccentric, his passion about last week's incident and bees in general is well founded.

[Image via Shutterstock]