Kentucky Teen Missing After Mysterious Fire

Cassie Boss

A Kentucky teen was reported missing on Saturday after a couch fire erupted, consuming the entire floor beneath it, according to the Huffington Post.

The fire took place at a Berea Kentucky home, and police are wondering if the fire had anything to do with the teen's disappearance.

The missing teen is identified as 18-year-old Brookelyn Farthing.

Authorities told ABC the home belonged to a friend of Farthing's ex-boyfriend, and the teen was thought to have been staying there, according Huffington Post.

They continued on to say that the man Farthing was staying with told police he left the home, and, when he returned, she was gone.

Kentucky State Police spokesman Trooper Paul Blanton stated:

"Our arson investigators say it's not common for a fire to start without electricity. It's usually from an electrical short or a lamp that fell over."

He continued on to say, "But it doesn't make any sense that the fire would start the way it did happen. We're still looking at it as being suspicious."

ABC News reported that police are still unsure if the fire had anything to do with Farthing's disappearance, but it is being investigated as suspicious.

Randal Walker, Farthing's father, told reporters "I want God's will to be done, and I want Brooke found, and I think it's God's will that Brooke be found."

He continued on to say, "It's not just us, if someone's got her, it's not just us that you're going to have to pay, it's God that's going to deal with you."

Farthing's family told reporters that all of the teen's belongings had been accounted for in the home, except for her cell phone.

When they try calling the teen's phone, it still rings, but nobody answers it. Police have yet to be able to track the girl's phone.

"By the fact that her personal property was still at the house, it makes you believe she is possibly in danger," Blanton said according to ABC News, but he hopes that the girl had chosen to make herself disappear, and that no harm has come to her.

"She's 18, it's up to her whether she wants to have contact (with friends and family) or not, she can just contact us and let us know she's OK," Blanton said in hopes that the teen may speak up if she did intentionally make herself disappear.

There was recent good news on a missing children case when three girls where returned to their families after being held hostage for over 10 years.

There was also the case in Seattle after four back-to-back kidnapping attempts within the same week had police concerned.

State police are asking for anyone with information on the missing Kentucky teen to contact them immediately.

[Image via WQTV]