Bus Falls Off Bridge Killing 18 [Video]

Bus Falls Off Bridge Killing 18

In Montenegro, a bus fell off a bridge killing 18. The bus, which was packed with nearly 50 people, plunged 160 feet into a ravine. Indian authorities report dozens of injuries and 18 deaths in the tragic accident.

The Romanian tour bus reportedly slid off the road and fell off the bridge during a heavy rain storm. One of the survivors explained that “the driver drove a little too fast.”

As reported by Fox News, rescue workers recovered all 46 occupants from the deep ravine. Several survivors remain in critical condition. The victims’ identities have not been released to the public. Most of the passengers were retirees.

Another victim of the accident, a 12-year-old boy, was struck by the bus before it fell off the bridge. He is currently hospitalized with non-life-threatening injuries.

Unfortunately, bus accidents in India are far too common. In May, 39 passengers were killed when a bus slid off a road in Himachal Pradesh. The bus crashed into the river, making rescue efforts difficult. As reported by BBC, authorities may never know how many passengers were killed, as the fast-moving river may have washed them away from the scene.

Vehicle accidents accounted for over 130,000 deaths in India in 2011. The mountainous region is notorious for the narrow and winding roads. Elevations are high and guard rails are scarce. Adverse weather conditions only increase the number of accidents as vehicles can easily slide or fall off bridges and roads.

Rescue efforts are often difficult as the vehicles fall into deep ravines or rivers, making recovery difficult. Each of the Montenegro survivors had to be carefully transported 160 feet out of the ravine.

As reported by BBC, Montenegro’s Interior Minister Rasko Konjevic explained that the Montenegro bus crash was “an extremely serious accident.”

Officials are concerned that the death toll will rise as several passengers remain in critical condition with life-threatening injuries.

Amazingly, 28 people survived when the bus fell off the bridge in Montenegro.

[Image via Wikimedia]