Michael Jackson’s Son To Testify About His Death, Business Loyalties

Prince Jackson to Testify at Michael Jackson Trial
As the fourth anniversary of Michael Jackson’s death arrives, his son Prince Jackson is preparing to take the stand as the next witness in the AEG Live trial.
AEG Live lawyers claim that it was Michael Jackson who hired and supervised Dr. Conrad Murray and not the team at AEG Live.
Prince Jackson was only 12-years-old at the time of his father’s death, but that hasn’t stopped Jackson’s lawyers from adding the now 16-year-old boy as a witness.

Michael Jackson’s son will likely take to the witness stand on Wednesday where he will be asked about AEG Live’s involvement in his father’s affairs. Jackson will also testify about his dad’s business affairs.

The lawsuit against AEG Live was filed by Prince, Paris, and Blanket Jackson and their grandmother Katherine Jackson, all of whom blame AEG Live for mismanaging Michael Jackson’s affairs during preparations for his This Is It tour.

Following Jackson’s death, Murray told police he used the surgical anesthetic propofol nearly every night to treat Michael’s insomnia.

Dr. Gordon Matheson, the director of the sports medicine department at Stanford University, recently testified that AEG Live created a conflict of interest because the contract it negotiated with Murray to serve as Jackson’s personal doctor for $150,000 a month “was likely to lead to poor medical decisions.”

Murray was $1 million in debt when he closed his practice to take the Michael Jackson assignment. Experts argue that AEG Live executives put undue pressure on Dr. Murray to make sure Michael Jackson made his way to every rehearsal for his big comeback tour.

Michael Jackson’s health was in decline even before his death. Emails from show director Kenny Ortega and production manager John “Bugzee” Hougdahl warned AEG Live executives that Michael Jackson was suffering from loss of memory and poor performance. Jackson couldn’t do many of his trademark dances, and he couldn’t remember the lyrics to songs he sang for decades.

Prince Jackson To Testify

When he takes to the stand, Prince will be the only of Michael Jackson’s three children to testify. While Paris Jackson gave two days of deposition in March, the defense is only expected to show videos from her testimony as part of her father’s dealings with Dr. Conrad Murray. Paris Jackson is currently hospitalized for psychiatric treatment after a suicide attempt earlier this month and therefore will not be asked to attend court.

While Prince Jackson is young, it has been revealed that his father even at a young age confided in him about his business dealings. Lawyers are expected to use those revelations to talk to Prince about his father’s state of mind and business decisions leading up to his death.

Lawyers are most interested in learning who Michael Jackson both trusted and distrusted in the final days of his life.