Meteorologist Freaks Out On Live TV Because Of A Spider [Video]

Huge spider freaks out

A meteorologist freaked out on live television when a gigantic spider appeared above her head as she tried to give a weather update.

Kristi Gordon of Global BC in Canada was scared out of her wits by the gigantic projection of the spider, and this lead to her freaking out in front of millions of viewers.

Gordon was about to give her report when she saw the insect crawl across the live-shot camera, and even though the camera was nowhere near Gordon, and was in fact outside of the studio, it looked as though the spider crawled right over her head.

Of course the magnified size of the spider made it look a lot large than it actually was, and it saw Gordon let out a shriek and then move across to the other side of the screen to avoid being “attacked.”

Frightened by the spider she says, “No, I hate it. I can’t stand it,” referring to the spider. An unsympathetic man in the background can be hard shouting at her, “You realize it’s not there?” Whilst a more comforting woman says to Gordon, “It’s not in the room. It’s OK.”

Gordon then attempts to continue with her report, even composing herself and moving back into frame, then apologise to the viewers, telling the audience, “You know what? It just really creeps me out.”

Gordon has seen the funny-side of the incident though, and even decided to share it with her Twitter followers. She even re-Tweeted several messages that people had sent to her advertising her freak out.

She called it “embarrassing,” whilst she admitted that this wasn’t the first time a bug had scuppered her attempt during another weather report. Last August a bug that was actually in the studio interrupted her broadcast and was then viewed by close to 40,000 people on Youtube.