Dog Buries Dead Puppy And Four Other Acts Of Mourning Canines [Video]

The video of a dog burying a dead puppy in a ditch has gone viral as viewers share what appears to be a pooch's act of mourning.

The video first showed up on YouTube on June 12 and has since been viewed more than 70,000 times at two different links. The incident apparently happened in Iraq.

The only explanation given from the video has been "Dog buries his puppy in Iraq." Since it was posted, the video of a dog burying a puppy has also drawn several comments, ranging from users who said, "bless that dog," to one who suggested the scene was actually staged.

In the almost four minute long video, a black and white medium-sized dog is seen using its snout to cover up the deceased puppy with dirt. It is unclear if the dog was related to the puppy. Once the deed was done, the dog walked away.

While the scene of a dog burying a puppy may be hard to see, it isn't the first act of mourning by a canine to receive national attention. In what has been considered the most famous incident, an Akita waited for his owner outside a train station every day for nine years after his owner suddenly passed away.

The dog, Hachikō, was remembered in the movie Hachi: A Dog's Tale, where his owner was played by Richard Gere. More recently, an image was posted on Facebook in May 2012, showing a male pit bull grieving over his dead partner. His female companion was struck and killed by a car. The male was taken in by animal control after almost 15 hours.

Pitbull Mourning Mate For 14 Hours

In September 2012, The Inquisitr reported about a dog who has guarded its owner's grave for the past six years. The dog, named Captain, disappeared shortly after his owner died, leaving the family devastated.

But when family members went to pay their respects, they saw Captain sitting by his owner's grave. Since then, the dog has rarely left the grave. Thankfully, the cemetery staff has kept feeding Captain.

Faithful Dog Guards Grave

Along with the dog in Iraq burying a dead puppy, it was reported earlier this year that a dog named Ciccio has attended church every day since his owner passed away.

Ciccio used to accompany his owner to a church in Italy every afternoon. But when his owner passed away, he attended the funeral and followed his owner's coffin as it was carried into that very church. Since then, Ciccio has gone to that church every day, sitting in front of the altar for Mass, baptisms, and other services.

While there have been several examples in the past, the video of a dog burying a dead puppy is another example of how man's best friend can mourn.