Corey Haim’s Fans Want A Star On Canada’s Walk Of Fame

Corey Haim


It’s been three years since 80s teen idol Corey Haim passed away, and his fans haven’t forgotten him. In hopes to carry his legacy, fans of the Lost Boys star, are rallying to include Corey in the latest inductees to Canada’s Wak of Fame.

Candada’s Walk of Fame will be announcing their inductees tomorrow, and fans are hoping with their support that Haim will be among those names. Haim, who was born in Toronto, passed away in 2010 after suffering complications from pneumonia. At first it was believed Haim’s addiction to pain medication was responsible for his death, but a coronary report came out clean.

To remember his legacy, Philadelphia web designer Jennifer Shirley has been rallying fans for months, urging them to nominate Haim. About the gesture, Shirley said: “I really wanted to give justice to the person that he was, and how he really respected the art of film.”

Haim is best known for his work in the 80s with fellow partier and actor Corey Feldman. The two starred in License To Drive, The Lost Boys, and Dream a Little Dream. The two Coreys made a career comeback by appearing on their own reality show together from 2007-2008 called The Two Coreys.

Haim was a troubled star, who often battled with drug addiction. Fan Shirley explained her choice behind backing Haim:

“I saw his fight to get back to the person he used to be. This was a guy who was flesh and blood. He had real struggles like everyone else, and had real demons, real hopes and real dreams.”

Shirley along with a handful of fans joined an international community and speak with Haim’s family. Back in March the online fan group sent white roses to his grave site, and that’s when Shirley took charge in starting a petition for Haim’s star.

The petition attracted 1,300 signatures, which included Corey Feldman, and even singer Debbie Gibson. The Walk of Fame then informed Shirley that there was a five-year grace period, she then turned her attention to the Canadian Walk of Fame. If Corey Haim gets inducted, he will be the only one to be inducted posthumously this year.

Do you think Corey Haim should have a star on Canada’s Walk of Fame?