Swedish Police Hunt Man Caught Having Sex With Bicycle [Video]

Swedish police are currently hunting a man who was caught having sex with a bicycle on camera.

The cycle fornicator was caught after the bike’s owner decided to set up a camera outside his house to find out who had been slashing the tyres of the vehicle.

The hooded individual is seen walking towards the bicycle before heading around to its rear tyre, and then standing over the bike before beginning to partake in sex with it, whilst also holding on to a piece of paper.

The man then punctures a tyre and as it deflates he begins to masturbate.

Police are now investigating the link to these incident and another series of crimes that happened in the area back in 2007. Over 6 years ago a 35-year-old male was arrested for allegedly slashing the tyres of twenty bikes, before masturbating over their saddles.

Per Edstrom, the bike’s owner who caught the suspect on his camera, has insisted that he is willing to forgive the man, but he just wants him to leave his bicycle alone.


Edstrom noted, “I am not scared of him, just irritated over all the punctures I have had to fix. This man is probably completely harmless, bicycles are just his thing.”

A video of the ordeal has emerged online, and although there is no nudity in the clip it does make for some rather unpleasant viewing, which is due to the fact that it is completely unnatural.

Earlier this year a drunk man in Devon, England, decided to have sex with an ambulance after he’d had an argument with police. 25-year-old Callum Ward pressed himself against the hood of the emergency vehicle before partaking in the “simulated sex act,” after he had reportedly inhaled quite a lot of alcohol, marijuana, and amphetamines before hand.

What do you think should happen to the man caught having sex with a bike?