Controversial ‘Adore’ Releases Steamy Cougar Trailer [Video]



Earlier in the year, we spoke about Naomi Watts and Robin Weight swapping sons for some cougar loving in the new film Two Mothers. Now the film which is titled Adore, perhaps to get away from the mother lover jokes, has released a brand new trailer. The trailer, like the subject matter, doesn’t tread lightly, and is in fact a steamy look into the controversial film.

Adore first had its premiere at the Sundance Film Festival, tells an unorthodox story about love, as Wright’s character sleeps with her best friend’s son. This results in Wright’s son seducing Watt’s character and a torrid love affair begins.

When the film premiered at Sundance Film Festival, it was met with mixed reception. Some thought there were parts that were funny (whether it was intentionally funny isn’t known.) However, one publication that wasn’t amused was The Hollywood Reporter which had this to say about the film:

“There’s a potentially interesting attempt here to explore without judgment what older women might be drawn to in relationships with much younger men. The film sticks to the surfaces, like a tonally unsure comedy of manners right up to the climactic exposure. That makes these characters not much more than irresponsible narcissists living in self-satisfied isolation.”

In the new trailer filmmaker Anne Fountaine decides to build on the friendship between the two mothers as they turn to the other’s son for sensual comfort. While this does look like it can easily slide into some Lifetime-esque quality, we will admit that this does spark our interest, just to see how much of a guilty pleasure this film will be.

During the festival, Naomi Watts said about the film:

“I loved how I went from a place of quickly judging them to almost instantly forgiving them, and more than that, willing it to happen and to continue. And the question comes up later, and the ‘Oh my God and we have to end this.’ But it’s too good, and that just felt very human to me.”

Adore hits theaters September 6.