India Floods Continue To Devastate, Claim A Thousand Lives [Video]

Massive India floods in the northern region of the nation continue to claim buildings, lives, and even entire villages. Estimates now put the loss of life at around 1,000 deaths now.

The floods began June 15 after heavy rains ahead of the normal monsoon season began hammering India’s northern state of Uttarakhand for days on end. Further downpours are expected after rains continue Monday.

Some estimates say these have been the worst monsoon rains seen in the region in at least 80 years.

Hundreds of structures have been literally washed away, from small houses to multi-story apartment buildings.

Massive evacuation efforts, mainly helicopter-based, have succeeded in evacuating more than 80,000 people, sources say at Huffington Post say.

However, as many as 50,000 individuals still require airlift aid in the region. That may be difficult to accomplish as helicopter missions are being restricted thanks to a large, dense fog covering many areas early this week.

With the death toll from the India floods breaking the 1,000 mark, officials worry that the fogs may mean an even higher number by the end of the week.

Those who have made it out of the torrential floods have shared incredible stories of endurance. One woman said that before being rescued by army helicopter she had trekked over 15 miles on foot in the downpours, reports the BBC.

The Uttarakhand state is a popular destination for many Hindu pilgrims, as the area is home to a number of religious sites. This has left tens of thousands of visitors stranded, among the many missing locals.

Some have criticized the government for the slow pace of evacuation for villagers and locals in the flooded areas, saying rescue efforts have been emphasized on saving pilgrims and tourists instead.

Tens of thousands are still stranded and this week, and with limited rescue missions many of them will be facing difficulty finding safe drinking water, food, and medical aid.

Video included below show just some of the incredible devastation the India floods have wreaked on the northern region:

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