Kate Gosselin Makes Racist Gesture In Twitter Image [Photo]

Kate Gosselin Twitter

Kate Gosselin became the center of controversy once again after making what appears to be a racist gesture in a photo shared on Twitter.

The former Jon & Kate Plus 8 star appeared in a photo shared by a Twitter user on Monday (June 24). The image in question shows Gosselin making a gesture that some have interpreted as racist.

Kate Gosselin, who has eight children with second-generation Korean-American Jon Gosselin, is seen wearing what has been described as a Geisha-style headpiece while pulling back the corners of her eyes. According to some people, she is clearly making fun of Asians.

The photo began making the rounds after Kate Gosselin was tagged in a post from Katie Deen. Beyond that, it’s unknown where the photograph was taken or who snapped the shot. The account itself only features the post in question and sports around nine followers. In short, it’s fishy.

Since the reality television veteran hasn’t weighed in on the brewing controversy just yet, it’s also unknown what she has to say about the photograph. While she may have meant no harm, some people on Twitter have interpreted her gesture as racist and downright offensive.

However, not everyone is convinced Kate Gosselin is a racist. Many have commented that she is simply an easy target for haters, nothing more.

“Smile, because you’re beautiful. Laugh, because you’re living life to the fullest. Stand strong, because haters can’t bring you down,” one concerned fan tweeted to Kate.

Below you can find the controversial image of Kate Gosselin being passed around this afternoon. You’ll also find a handful of reactions that have popped up in the wake of the photo.

Are you a fan of Kate Gosselin? What do you think about the picture of the reality TV star currently making the rounds? Are people blowing this out of proportion?

[Image via s_bukley / Shutterstock.com]