Bullied Bus Monitor, Now Retired, Spent $100K To Stop Bullying

Bullied bus monitor Karen Klein tugged heartstrings across the world when video of the elderly woman being relentlessly verbally abused by a group of seventh grade boys went viral — and people all over the globe generously donated to a fund to improve the woman’s life.

The fundraising efforts for bullied bus monitor Klein were headed up by Canadian Max Sidorov, 25. When all was said and done, millions had viewed the clip of Klein’s being bullied at the hands of pre-teen boys, and more than $700,000 was raised for the now-retired woman.

Retirement is just one of the good things that came out of the once very painful bullied bus monitor clip, and Klein is now far more financially secure in her golden years.

Instead, she poured back $100,000 of the money she received to create the Karen Klein Anti-Bullying Foundation. Klein wants to do more, but she jokes now that despite her worldwide fame due to the video, she is still the same bus monitor:

“There’s a lot I wish I could be doing, but I don’t know how to do it … I’m just a regular old lady.”

Klein’s foundation fights bullying and cyberbullying, but even in her spare time, the bullied bus monitor’s daughter says her mom isn’t out spending through her windfall.

Amanda Klein-Romig says:


“There are other people who it would probably change dramatically … But for her, no, everything’s the same pretty much. It’s not like she’s jaunting every weekend to a different place.”

As for her newfound financial security, Yahoo reports:

“[Klein] has spent some helping family members and friends, and ‘the rest is under lock and key’ for retirement, and maybe a motor home to do some traveling, she said. She wants to get back to her crafts, fix some things around the house, maybe get new carpet and furniture, and take it easy, especially since having a pacemaker implanted in March.”

The bullied bus monitor and her daughter say the experience was mostly positive for the family, but the pair admit that they’ve faced unfair criticism from folks who have accused Klein of seeking fame and looking for a payday.