Armie Hammer Went To ‘Cowboy Camp’ To Prepare For ‘The Lone Ranger’ Role

Armie Hammer was no free riding cowboy when he was offered the The Lone Ranger role in the upcoming Disney film. While he grew up on a farm, some of the skills required for being a cowboy still needed work.

Hammer and his fellow stars were required to take part in a cowboy camp so they could learn how to properly ride a horse, throw a lasso, and learn other important cowboy skills.

When asked about the cowboy camp, Armie Hammer said:

“We all went to cowboy camp … But don’t worry – I’m a pro.”

Proper and authentic cowboy skills were important for the movie, which was filmed completely on location. The $250 million budget for the movie was spent largely on location shooting which included several towns, five miles of train track, and two steam engines.

Hammer says looking like a real cowboy and riding real horses provided for a more authentic feel. Hammer tells the Hollywood Reporter:

“It was really helpful. It was the difference between standing in the middle of the desert looking at some of the most beautiful scenery you can point a camera at and standing in an air conditioned room at some studio going, ‘This is a lot of green fabric … It just made it that much more real, and hopefully, the audience feels it as well.”


“He’s such a great guy. Nicest guy in the world. He’s fantastic.”Hammer also opened up about Johnny Depp who plays the Lone Ranger’s right hand man Tonto – Johnny Depp doesn’t like him being called a sidekick. Speaking about Depp the actor says:

Gore Verbinski has also attempted to bring a sense of realism to his films and perhaps cowboy camp will bring that real-life feel to the big screen when The Long Ranger debuts on July 3.

Are you excited to see Armie Hammer and Johnny Depp star in The Lone Ranger?