Maria Sharapova Receives Apology From Serena Williams

Maria Sharapova said she received a personal apology from rival tennis player Serena Williams.

This was following a recent spat between the two in which Serena insulted Maria Sharapova personally, lashing out at her.

In her pre-Wimbledon news conference, Williams said she had spoken to Maria and already apologized to her:

“She was inadvertently brought into the situation by assumptions made by the reporter. I personally talked to Maria at the player party, incidentally. I said:

‘Look, I want to personally apologize to you if you are offended by being brought into my situation. I want to take this moment to just pour myself, be open, say I’m very sorry for this whole situation.’ “

The plot thickens as reports come to light that Maria Sharapova is now dating Grigor Dimitrov, who is widely rumored to be Serena’s ex-boyfriends.

In her personal attack on Maria, Williams reportedly said: “She begins every interview with ‘I’m so happy. I’m so lucky’ — it’s so boring. She’s still not going to be invited to the cool parties. And, hey, if she wants to be with the guy with a black heart, go for it.”

By way of response, Maria initially said about the offensive comments made about her:

“At the end of the day, we have a tremendous amount of respect for what we do on the court. I just think she should be talking about her accomplishments, her achievements, rather than everything else that’s just getting attention and controversy.”

She then got more vociferous in her comments lashing out personally as if taking revenge on Williams:

“If she wants to talk about something personal, maybe she should talk about her relationship and her boyfriend that was married and is getting a divorce and has kids.”

It remains to be seen what the outcome of this little tiff will be. We sincerely hope that the tennis stars will concentrate their attention on tennis and not on petty insults.