Bensalem Tower Fire Forced Evacuations, Removal Of Cell Phone Tower

A Bensalem tower fire in Pennsylvania sparked evacuations around the scene after it erupted into flames on Friday. The hours-long response to the fire included evacuations around the area when the communications tower began to lean dangerously.

According to ABC Local, the fire was almost certainly caused by a welding spark. Workers were installing steps about 80 feet off the ground on Friday morning when a spark reportedly came into contact with some exposed insulation.

As a result of the accident, the cell tower caught fire and eventually began to lean. Because of the threat to offices and an apartment complex nearby, residents were forced to evacuate.

Residents talked to a local MyFoxPhilly reporter Shawnette Wilson, admitting that the Bensalem tower fire was a little scary at the time.

Shawn Divine reported seeing flames that shot 70 feet up into the air.

Kelly Alger, whose father works for Bensalem Public Works, stopped by to witness the progress of the firefight:

“This is crazy and scary…they’re going to drop that one piece down right into the parking lot.”

Bensalem Fire Rescue held people back at least 300 feet from the area around the tower until the fire had burned out and the tower was removed. They also provided regular communications about their progress on Twitter.

The construction workers on the scene had tried to act immediately, using fire extinguishers, but they couldn’t control the fire. Because of the presence of electrical wires, Bensalem Fire Rescue let the fire die down naturally instead of trying to further attack it with water or foam.

With no injuries reported from the dangerous-looking fire, it was a job well done by Bensalem Fire rescue in the Bensalem tower fire.



[Bensalem tower fire photo by Bensalem Fire Rescue via Twitter]

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