Diehard Aficionados Welcome Twinkies Return

Twinkies are back! And many people welcome the decision of Hostess Foods to bring the much beloved cake back to the market.

In the forefront are the loyal followers of the first Diehard movie in which this cake featured in one of the most successful examples of product placement in movie history.

Everyone remembers the store clerk telling police sergeant Powell as he struggles with an armful of Twinkies, “I thought you guys only ate donuts.” When the unfortunate sergeant crashed, escaping from the bad guys, all the Twinkies fell on him as he crawled out of the car.

Even John McClane (Bruce Willis) ate a Twinkie in the movie.

Twinkies were also prominent in the movies Ghostbusters and Ghost Rider. (What is it with Twinkies and ghosts?)

And cartoons such as Wall-E and even Family Guy had them as a story line. Actually, the Griffin family visited a Twinkie factory as part of a jokey story about Twinkies being the only food to survive a nuclear war!

Zombieland showed the main character, played by Woody Harrelson, searching for Twinkies to check that they DO actually have an expiration date!

So, apart from those devotees of Twinkies who regard it as their preferred snack, Hollywood will also be happy.

Movie makers can, once again, search for original ways to place the product and add to their profits!

Are you as thrilled as we are that Twinkies are making a comeback? Have you missed them and are you going to buy some on July 15th when they return to the stores?