NASCAR needs to make several changes to their rulebook

So it looks like the world of NASCAR racing will look very different in 2011, then it has over the last few years. NASCAR is currently discussing a number of rules changes, and scheduling changes that will give this sport a fresh feel. I think this is a sport that needs a little tinkering , and I would start with making winning the race each week the overall goal. That would mean that NASCRA would have to come up with a way to making winning races, not scoring points, the way to win a Sprint Cup championship. With that being said here is a list of rules I would like to see added to NASCAR:

1.Cut the field of cars in the Cup Series from 43 back to 36. The guys who make the race at the back and of the field are nothing. They have no chance to win, and they add nothing to the race for the fans who bought a live ticket or for those watching on TV.
2.Raise the minimum age for the Cup series from 18 to 21. This would force car owners to run teams in the Nationwide series and Truck series. As it stands right now an 18 year can run in any of the three major touring NASCAR series. If the age limit were higher for the cup series, it would force talent through the other two national touring series. Teams could then grow talent in these “lesser” series.
3.Change the top 35 rule to the top 20 rule. With a shorter field, NASCAR would have to adjust how many teams would hold guaranteed starting spots.
4.Limit drivers who have guaranteed starting spots in cup to five Nationwide and five truck series starts per season. I cannot remember the last time a Nationwide only series driver won a Nationwide series race. As it turns out it was in March at Bristol when Justin Allgaier won, but a non cup affiliated Nationwide series teams has yet to win a race in that series this year. That is a problem as where will the cup drivers, owners and crew members of tomorrow come from?

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