Boating Accident: Body Found, Search For Second In Lake Powell Crash [Video]

The body of one woman lost in a Lake Powell boating accident was recovered by divers late on Sunday night by the Utah Highway Patrol dive team. Valerie Rae Bradshaw, 29, was retrieved by a special robot after a painstaking search using SONAR to scan Lake Powell’s main channel for the bodies of two missing women.

According to a report in Utah’s Deseret News, Bradshaw’s body has now been transported to the office of a medical investigator.

As The Inquisitr previously reported, the deadly Lake Powell boating accident took place on Thursday as the result of a collision between a motorboat and a houseboat in a popular area near Dangling Rope Marina.

As you can see in the video, some investigators believe that Adrian Jackman became distracted by some of the children on his motorboat. As a result, he crashed into the houseboat, killing his 57-year-old wife Marilyn Jackman.  His daughter, 22-year-old Jessica Jackman and her friend Valerie Bradshaw, were both lost in the lake’s waters.

There were 13 people on the motorboat, including six children.

Although Jessica Jackman hasn’t yet been found, she is presumed dead, so the search is now a body recovery.

Fox 13 News reported that the Jackman family was popular and that neighbors were praying for them after the tragic loss of Marilyn and her daughter Jessica. A friend of 20 years told them:


“[Lake Powell] was Marilyn’s favorite place to be in the world. She talked about it all the time. It was her heaven on earth, so it’s kind of ironic that’s where the angels came to take her home.”

A Fox 13 Salt Lake City report summed up the search for the two missing women’s bodies, which ran into a frustrating snag on Friday when some equipment malfunctioned in the 400-foot deep waters.

A National Parks Services submersible robot that broke down on Friday should receive needed replacement parts Monday. That robot will rejoin the search on Tuesday if Jessica Jackman’s body isn’t found by then.

No one on the houseboat was reported hurt in the Lake Powell boating accident.