Doc Rivers To Coach Clippers [Report]

It's not a done deal yet but the Los Angeles Clippers and the Boston Celtics have reportedly come to an agreement that would send Doc Rivers to LA.

According to CBS, the deal is already in place and now just needs league approval. David Stern already said that he was skeptical of the trade talks between the Clippers and the Celtics and it's possible that the league blocks the deal.

The Clippers want to sign Doc Rivers to a three year, $21 million deal. The LA team is willing to give up a 2015 first round draft pick in exchange for Boston to release the coach from his contract.

ESPN reports that the deal hit a roadblock when the league said that the trade may violate the collective bargaining agreement. The previous deal, which also included another draft pick, Kevin Garnett and DeAndre Jordan has been abandoned for the moment. The Clippers are focused on securing Rivers for now and will worry about Garnett and Jordan at a later date.

Stern may allow the Doc Rivers deal to go through but the Celtics and the Clippers could have a hard time adding Garnett to the table further down the line.

Stern said: “I would say that if we know that what the parties really wanted to do is one [trade] and they’re going to break it into two for the purposes of trying to avoid the restrictions that the collective bargaining agreement places on it, we know how to deal with that as well."

The Clippers reportedly have a press conference scheduled for Monday and are expected to confirm the Doc Rivers deal.